Monday, February 8, 2010


I find myself getting lazier and lazier as each day passes. All I want to to is sit with an appendage in the water and fish for rare and exotic water Pokemon. I could attempt to blame it on the fact that I've been kinda sick the last week or so, but I really don't think thats an honest assumption. I love just sitting and doing nothing, as much as I pretend like I hate it. I get really antsy if I just sit around all day watching TV or movies, but in all honesty I know that I could be doing something more productive and I'm not. The feeling of an unfulfilling day carries over into the next, which acts as a breeding pool for more laziness. From hitting the snooze button for 1.5 hours, to sitting and looking on facebook for two hours, I'm becoming content with doing nothing. This is my worst fear come true.

I also pretended to be a bartender today for a friend's friend's project for photography class. It was interesting being a part of a legit photoshoot with multiple flashes going off and actual film being used. There were a lot of light tests, digital shot tests, and it was just overall something new to be a part of. It made me appreciate how much a good photographer is ready to go when the time comes and how good they are at portraying their vision and getting their models to go with it. It's a very complex system that I didn't put much thought into. It's as stressful as it is trendy I suppose.

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