Monday, March 22, 2010

I never read the Michigan Daily

Buuuut, I decided to pick one up today to read about the Health Care Bill passing and the rookie goalie that won the CCHA championship for the Michigan hockey team. And wouldn't it make sense that as I sit down to read it, I notice that there is an article about the new Pokemon on it. Front page even. The author reviewed the game pretty well with a lot of praise, but got down on it for having to use the Pokewalker as a means of the only way of gaining certain Pokemon. Uhhh, get over it? Don't want to walk? Shake your hands or put it on your dog's collar. Fuck.

In a breaking news story, watch my live feed of me trying to beat the third Gym leader's fucking Miltank.

And even though it frustrated me to my Poke-breaking point, I come out a better trainer from it. Plus, now I have a Quagsire, which fucking rules. Possibly one of the most clueless Pokemon ever (see below).

1 comment:

  1. in platinum, quagsire was one of my go-to party pokemon. dude might be clueless but he can pack a mean punch. or surf.