Sunday, October 24, 2010

The mind of 12 year olds

I recently made a worksheet for some Trainees to go along with the daily "Professor Oak's Pokemon Talk" radio show. At the end I gave the prompt "Do you think it's right for the Jhoto Region to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62?" The following are some responses.

"I think it isn't right because the people will soon get bored at there job and want to retire."
"No because around that age people start slowly dying and need to step out and let another teacher take the place."
"No because maybe when you get older then you get tired, so if you are a sergent (surgeon?) then you might fall asleep when you are doing open heart surgery."
"No its not . 62 is waaaaaay too old to be stuck working. Case closed."
"No because I don't know what retirement is and it sounds bad." <- personal favorite
"No because some old people need to be retired at age 60 because they are too old to function."
"I do not think that the French government should raise the retirement age because around age 60 people working could start getting diseases easier, get weaker, and even could start injuring others."

Stay tuned for more insight from 6th graders that doesn't include what level their Ratata is. Although I will try to remember to find out what level their Ratatas are.

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