Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sculpting young minds

So it's been sometime since I've updated my Pokequest, and it's majorly due to the fact that I am student teaching. I've got a couple Young Lass, Bug Trainers, and Joeys in my classes, and I'm trying to teach them how to navigate the world in order to discover new Pokemon. In the second week I had a Episode 038 incident with a young trainer. I guess I'll have to stop my imitations of Pokemon attacks that may cause seizures.

Today I had the following conversation with a Young Lass outside the school today (starting with her initial comment)...

Me: Hi trainer!
Her: Hi Professor!
Me: How're you doing this morning?
Her: I'm okay. (Looking puzzled, staring far off into the sky, almost looking like she's waiting for something) "Something just doesn't feel right today."
She then wanders off for a second then comes back while we wait to enter the building.
Her: You know something just doesn't feel right today.
Me: Really? Why do you say that?
Her: It's the weather. It's just not right.
Me: (laughing) I guess so! What's wrong with it?
Her: It's just not right...

She is one of my favorite trainees. Every day she comments "I like your skinny jeans." She wears her heart on her sleeve.

Oh and the picture above? An awesome artist I found on tumblr. The reason? These kids are like Wild Pokemon. They attack each other randomly, chat to each other about seemingly nothing (basically only saying their name), and are just an overall bundle. All that being said, this is a pretty hilarious time in my life.


  1. I like this update a lot. The end.

  2. this better have really happened. if not, i lost my faith in humanity. okay, not really, just in 6th grade crazies.