Friday, November 5, 2010

Chris Farley voice: "Ohhh myyyy gaawwwd."

Ignoring the sad Saria to the right, recently a camgirl (pikababe?) has posted an adventurous yet disturbing wanted ad on Alchemy (a site I had no idea existed until last night). The details are hazy. I am led to believe that a woman who has followers on her webcam site (aka a camgirl) wants to reward her loyal fans. Rather than refunding their money, she is looking for a modern day erotica-craftsman to create a butt-plug like a Pikachu tail. But who hasn't secretly wanted one to engage their wildest Ash and Misty fantasy role-play? Exactly. We all love the idea, but $75? Meeeowth that's wrong. I couldn't possibly create something as sacred as a plug for a butt for suck a low price. The insurance for hazardous items through the mail would sky (team) rocket my costs. She's definitely a PokeManiac, but I'm certainly no Gentleman.

And as the Misfits so graciously put it, Texas is the reason that the President's dead.

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