Sunday, January 15, 2012

Updating the Pokedex: Trubbish

So since I've received by Pokedex I've been working diligently to fill it up with the Pokemon local to me. It's resulted in many sleepless nights, frozen fingers, and throw-downs with the local law enforcement over what is, and what is not trespassing when it comes to jumping into a dumpster to track down Trubbish, or better yet a Garbodor. 

But my painstaking work recently paid off when I discovered the official "Trash Bag Pokemon" just outside my room. She was slow to escape the Pokedex's virtual fingers and thus I have my second Pokemon updated into the Dex (after Houndoom). With a terribly offensive vilification as to the sanitation conditions of my abode, my Pokedex buddy recited the updated contents as such: "Inhaling the gas they belch will make you sleep for a week. They prefer unsanitary places." Reminds me of my ex-wife. HEYOOOO!

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