Monday, March 1, 2010

How not to chatroulette

Someone wrote a missed connection on the Ann Arbor craiglist about how she chatted online with this guy from U of M, and wants to chat more. This is a poor example of using the internet for two reasons.
1) All of the missed connections lately have been shit. Too much poetry and "This person will never know how I feel" mumbo-jumbo. I want to hear something like "Hey, I smashed into your car when I was parking last night. Instead of getting the insurance companies involved, lets just fuck." or "Hey, we battled at the Cerulean Gym and we locked eyes a couple times. Tell me what move you used to make me faint so I know it's you."
2) Chatroulette is not for meeting someone. Chatroulette is for looking like an asshole, at assholes being assholes. Don't step into that penis roulette expecting to find a meaningful conversation with the 15 yr. old or the dick-in-hand on the other side. Sure, a cute girl comes along every once and a while, but it's just like the internet to keep you away from getting the phone numbers of the girls that show their boobs on the internet.
Basically, fuck off missed connection girl. You're ruining the worldview of both missed connections and craigslist.

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