Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hilarious Pokemon Cosplay

I'd like to take the time, to look at just how amazing/ridiculous this photo is.

1. The costume is jokable at best. Picking Diglett as a Pokemon required dedication, to which there is not much here. Slits for arms? C'mon! DIGLETTS DONT HAVE ARMS!
2. His face in the eyes. Kind of smiling? I wish his face wasn't there oh so badly. His eyes look like they take up 20% of his face. That's a lot right?
3. Misty in the background. The white tissue that is creating a succulent breast seems to be popping out of his shirt in true hentai fashion. On second thought, that seems to be Togepi. Stuffed in his boob. A disgrace.
4. It kinda looks like Diglett peed his pants.
5. I want to see that Vivi costume, because it looks legit.

I'm laughing.

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