Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dungeons and Dragonites

Along with my obsession of the Pokemon World, I attempt to create mildly entertaining worlds for my friends to enjoy in our Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Recently, I put my adventurers through a swamp filled with a couple of interesting home-brewed monsters...

Above is the map that players encountered. Small islands of dirt surrounded by a slow moving current of opaque marsh water. A first encounter placed the adventurers against a squad of biped turtle creatures, followed by an ambush of large mouthed purple bats. It only lasted a few turns before the players understood that my interest for Pokemon had transcended games, and was now in their tabletop RPG.

After defeating this crowd, the party heard the faint murmurs of "Kaw.... kaw.... kaw..." which actually frightened most of them. Next the party was faced with another Who's that Pokemon? moment...

Unfortunately, Koffing never evolved into a Weezing, but they did wreak some havoc. A lot of poison got spread around, and the party was really hurting afterwards. Finally, they saw a humanoid figure ahead of them in a large tent.

After the party threatened him for his crystal (the object that brought them to this swamp), he unleashed the Kraken. Or in this case, a Blastoise (I made some on the go adjustments to his Headbutt to include a a big push). Modeled after a Young Green Dragon, the Blastoise would have TPKed if I hadn't allowed an errata'd post-Koffing short rest in between the fights. Overall, it was fun for me at the very least and people got excited about some first-gen appearances. Unfortunately, there was no Jynx. Next time.

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