Thursday, June 23, 2011

This week in Deviant Art Pokemon Cosplay

Instead of sleeping, I've been browsing Deviant Art for the best/funniest/nerdiest Pokemon cosplay outfits. Here's what I'll share. Number five is this kid doing a Baynette. A super well-done costume of a really obscure Pokemon. The kids face is creepy as shit though.

#4. Scraggy. Making costumes for the newest gen is always a gamble, but this guy does it right. Holding up the pants is the kicker. 

#3. Sexy Cubone and Marowak. Nude color tube top/bras exist? Shiiiii-

#2. Entei. He has to walk like a dog to look cool. Otherwise he looks like that Northern Michigan Dogman. And I'm into it. Also the face looks sad as hell. 

#1. Rattata. This fucking Rattata. I'm not gonna make a Joey joke here because I'm above that internet hype bullshit. This costume is absolutely amazing. Goes to show you that no matter how simple the Pokemon, the costume can still kick ass. LOOK AT THE PAWS! FUCKING DETAIL! AND THE MOUTH IS OPEN! SHIT THIS IS GREAT!

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