Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Biggest frown in the world

So as I'm working today, I noticed a woman staring at our menu. Granted, customers make a lot of hilarious faces when they are trying to decide how to legally alter their sense of reality via caffeine, today's took the cake. She got right up on the counter, squinted her eyes, and frowned. And boy, was it a frown. I played it off like I was laughing about something that happened at some earlier time, but she had to know about that frown of hers bringin in the laughs. I think the ends of her mouth were literally touching her chin. It made little, to absolutely no sense. So as I laugh at this woman for her incredibly large grimace, all I can think about is... "holy shit what a Golbat." Picture above is probably the most accurate view of what a typical customer looks like when looking up at our menu trying to decide on a drink.

I'd also like it to be known, that while I do my best trying to find some weird ass depictions of Pokemon for this blog, I have to sift through a lot of shit. Like, fucked up "Hey, this is what my sex-mate would look like if she dressed up as my favorite Pokemon" shit (p.s. this one is mine). So just appreciate the fact that for every picture that I post, there are 5 that were drawn for someone to jack off to.

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