Monday, February 15, 2010

I'll be walking home from picking up my pre-order

So on a recent excursion to the mall, I stopped in to Ebgames/Gamestop, whatever it is today, and took a gander at some games. Obviously, my original intent was to come in and see when the new Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold came out (03/14/10), so I pre-ordered Soul Silver (my traveling companion pre-ordered Heart Gold). Along with the pre-order we get a little Ho-oh figurine, AND the Pokewalk. The Pokewalk is a pedometer that interacts with the game so that you can store a Pokemon on it and go about your daily business WHILE IT GAINS EXPERIENCE FOR EVERY STEP YOU TAKE! What this means, is that I am about to revert back to the days of shake-hacking my Pocket Pikachu.
I also pre-ordered Final Fantasy XIII (03/09/10). I will be ignoring all forms of communication trying to beat FFXIII before Pokemon Soul Silver comes out.

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