Wednesday, March 3, 2010

School drools

So I'm taking a Fundamentals of Nutrition class online this semester and if I were to rank it's importance in my life right now I'd probably go with Magikarp. Not that it's not important, but that it is something I just don't ever think to do and submit on time. I think out of the semester I have submitted 2 assignments on time, and there are 3 every week. Not being at school leaves my mind able to process more Pokemon, but leaves my mind vulnerable to forgetting about any type of schoolwork I may have.

But there isn't really that much to nutrition anyway. I think Ash Ketchum knows the best diet around.
1. No Pokemon (Don't eat meat)
2. Eat anything/everything Brock makes (Eat food when Sara offers)
3. Complain about hunger enough and food will fall into your hands. (Free foooooood)

In unrelated and blog-crossing news, I made a box for my records at the inspiration of Flora and Fauna. Hers look much better, but this is the first time I've engaged in crafting since I put together a mixtape a few months ago. It took me a few hours, and more money than I thought, but I was excited in the end by how well it turned out for never crafting. There are some ripples in it, but overall, I'm happy.

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