Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brothers Dire

So my good friends and roomates, Dire Wolf, are officially on tour. What this means now is that my room will be home to a Pokemon Trainer orgy for 6/7 nights of the week (the other night dedicated to lavishly engaging in a Dungeon and Dragons adventure framed as a Pokemon Tabletop RPG). The rules of the sex-fest are as follows:

1. You can only speak to trainers that have an equal or less number of badges. When I say speak, I mean use Force Punch on their Jigglypuff. Hopefully they don't have to pretend to use Amnesia the next morning.
2. Absolutely no Mr. Mimes or Jynxes. I will not condone that type of cross-breeding, beastiality behavior.
3. Absolute no Dittos. Transform works almost too well. I won't go into detail about that hussy from the block that looked so appealing in Vegas.
4. Lass Nancy, please be there.

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