Thursday, October 21, 2010

Carrying a tongue, can hurt your neck

In health related news, I went to the doctor yesterday to get my neck looked at. Too much time huddled over a fluorescent DS lite under the sheets at 3am trying to "catch 'em all" isn't great for the spine. Apparently I pinched a nerve in the neck, so now it's basically always hurting and I can hardly move my neck. If anyone is giving away free massages or has a Mareep I can use as a pillow, please contact me via the Pokephone.

In the Trainer Academy in which I am student teaching, I gave my first exam on mapping the world of Pokemon. Unfortunately I caught one of my young trainees trying to set up his Pokedex under his chair so that he could look at the World Map whenever he wanted to during the test. After calling him out, he put it away. Growl successfully lowered the trainer's attack stat.

In other news, looking for this girl on halloween.

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