Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Black and White Preview: Garbage

Come May 2011, I will be next to dead. Reason? Pokemon Black and White comes out in April, and I plan on having no sleep until I have succeeded in catching them all. The first guy I'm looking for? Dasutadasu. The garbage bag Pokemon. He is like a Snorlax in the sense that he evolves from eating. However, he consumes garbage and once this bag becomes Hefty-hefty-hefty, he turns into a wild toilet paper tube and garbage juice mess. I think I'm going to love him. And his pre-evolution form is super cute too. A tiny little trash bag with garbage leaking out the sides. This game is epic.

And leave it to the Japanese to turn a serious issue, the improper disposal of our municipal waste, into a lovable Pokemon. His name translated? Hopefully Garbanzo.

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