Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Talented Trainers

I've recently discovered the most talented 6th grade trainer in the world. She makes cartoons all over her papers, all of which are well-drawn, accurate, and hilarious. She recently completed a "Time Scroll of the Cats" in which for 5 pages, she diagrams the different eras of time and turns it's inhabitants into cats. Her illustrations are remarkably accurate and always hilarious. I may eventually upload them, but it'd be much better if you saw them in person. As soon as she finished I took it to make a copy.

The above is what I assume to be a reference to the titan Atlas, a concept I can't imagine any other student in the grade knowing anything about. I'm considering excusing her from all work, and just having her draw pictures in class. I'd really like to commission her to do a Pokemon piece, but I'm trying to find the right way to approach the situation. I don't want her to be my hired Tracey.

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