Monday, November 8, 2010

A wild SHIRVELL appeared!

In recent Michigan news, Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has been fired for his internet-bullying of University of Michigan Student Assembly President - Chris Armstrong. If you haven't heard of this, I would suggest watching the Anderson 360 interview, and Daily Show blurb (featuring fellow trainer Thomas Roltsch).

Lets examine Shirvell's most recent Pokedex entry:

"Shirvell, the biggot Pokemon. Shirvell evolves from the childhood-bully Pokemon Shrivley when it no longer understands how the real world functions. Its bullying can only be stopped by questioning its interpretation of its first amendment rights, causing it to become confused. Shirvell are known to live in tall grass outside the homes of young homosexual men. Shirvell's mental status and sexuality are still unknown."

It's next evolution is unknown as of yet, but I hope we find out soon, in the name of the Pokedex!


  1. Brandan, I think I love you. Just a little.

  2. i love anderson cooper. we are going to get married.