Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I think I met the real Kadabra

Pokemon sighting as I was closing up my coffee shop the other night! The situation begins as I am trying to organize things as I get ready for closing time. First off, nobody payed attention to the fact that we were closing at 10pm instead of Midnight since classes hadn't started for most of the students yet so not many people were back. Typically I go around towards the end of night in hopes of getting all the dishes together, asking customers if they are done, and taking them to the back. So as I'm going around I come to a guy and a girl flirting and studying on the couches. They have a plate, glass, and spoon.

Me: Hey, were you done with that plate? (It's clearly empty so she's obviously done with it.)
Her: Yeah sure, thanks!
Me: Can I grab that stuff from you? (It's a spoon in a dixie cup, and a glass with a tea bag in it.)
Him: I'm still using it.
Me: Even the spoon?
Him: Yes.
Me: ... really?
Him: Yeah, sorry.

---Cut to what I should have said following this heart-filled apology---

Me: Fuck off, I'm taking this. There is no possible way you will use this spoon in the next 10 minutes. Go to hell.

--- Cut to post-analysis ---

My guess is that it was his item of power, and that without it his confidence ruined. Perhaps she would have seen what a pretentious fuck he actually was, if he didn't that that stupid spoon sitting in a dixie cup. I hope she blue-balled him that night. And not in a good way (Lure Ball).

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  1. I highly doubt that he psy-beamed her. He was probably, like, lvl. 5 or something. Go hide in some tall grass, tool.