Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Gotta Catch 'em All"

As the holidays wind down and we are left to the fruits of our family's and friend's material devotion to us joy seems to be at our finger tips. Whether it be a book, smartphone, car, or Raichu, its a generally entertaining month for all of us. But at some point we choose between the value of the longevity of the item or the value of a better model (in this case Electabuzz, obviously).

Four words, one of which shortened for the ease of fluidity, "Gotta Catch 'em All" has become the mindset of a generation. The joy of having the new Pokemon overpasses the sensation of companionship that comes with a plethora of experiences with a truly valuable friend. Why? Is the the decreased attention span of our society? Is the internet offering too many options that results in a high-stakes dilema with ever decision made? For me, choosing a career choice is insufferable based on the variety of passions I have and deciphering what makes me the happiest. Is it training Pokemon? Is it taking care of them? Is it studying them? Or is it going into Law so that I can eventually sue corporations like Team Rocket in order to protect the individual Pokemon trainers from theft and oppression by an ever-present scheming bully.

The possibilities are endless not just with careers, but with the Pokemon team choices. Is Lanturn the right guy for the job as a Water-Pokemon sweeper? But should he absorb water, or electricity? Should he learn a dark move or a ground move to fight it's weaknesses? Who knows!? A seemingly simple question becomes so convoluted with the access to the strategies of millions of other strategies. And at what point are you just repeating what the internet is telling you, rather than creating your own masterful team? At what point can I say, give me Snorlax or give me death? I think that time is now.

Snorlax, the perfect Pokemon, does what I dream to do. Eat and sleep in pure bliss. A life unhindered by technology, a vast amount of choices, or a family's expectations. "Nothing to eat? Well it looks like my day has been planned for me, I'll sleep. Internet you say? Can I eat it? No? Well then if you need me I'll be asleep in front of this door over here. Yeah, I know it's kind of a burden, but eventually someone will figure it out. At which point I will eat something before returning to my slumber." Ah, to be in simpler times.

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