Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chatroulette night one

So I decided to go to chatroulette again, this time by myself, and see how mainstream it has become. Fortunately it's not quite facebook yet. Throughout my time of 2+ hours I saw probably around 50 penises, and 5 couples having sex (most of the time I was promptly nexted). However, I had some fun conversations with people by starting off every chat with "Name a pokemon so I know you're cool." This was a non-threatening, cool-indicator that people could take or leave at their own accord. The only restriction I had was that you couldn't say Pikachu. Oh yeah, nor Charizard. Charizard was a favorite for the bros. I should really compile this data.

This girl went on to say "Atleast I know kerby!" I replied with "*Kirby" and nexted her ass. I had a lot of fun conversations with people though. Someone said Snorlax had the best life cause he just hit bongs all day, and I kindly informed him that Snorlax has no time for bong-ripping with hit hectic sleep schedule.

I finished my night around 4:20 wazzaaaaaaap, talking to a girl from Switzerland. She told me about how she went to Florida and hated Sea World, and wasn't a vegetarian because the food they get is from a farmer's market with actual farmers with open fields. I informed her there was effectively no such thing in America. Overall, she was neutral to everything I had to say.

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