Friday, February 19, 2010

It's a simple request, show me your best pokemon face. (Chatroulette Night Two)

Another installment of my Chatroulette escapades, attempting to label myself as that weird guy that always has some awkward Pokemon request. I started with asking people to name a Pokemon, but there was no good catches. However, asking people to show me their Pokemon face provided eccentric rouletters the chance to freely express their frustration with a Pokemon-less society.

I really liked his Machoke impression.

An angry Pikachu? Shortly after this I think she was about to get caught on chatroulette by her mom/dad/aunt/teacher/abusive husband and put her screen down so all I saw was her mouse button.

Has to be a Mr. Mime....

It should be noted, I didn't even request a Pokemon face from this guy, but he knew exactly what I was there for.

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  1. I'm so into these posts. Last night I used chatroulette for the first time, and my roommate and I got connected to a guy RIGHT when he was ejaculating, I am very proud of this... that's like, one in a million. Good luck charms.