Friday, August 13, 2010

The Best Four Days in Gaming!

Picture unrelated to Gencon, but just as epic.

I recently caravanned with 8 other trainers to a gaming convention in Indianapolis (see: Land of Architecture Outside of its Means). I did a lot, and slept basically none. The most intense thing I did was hunt for a rare Artifact Pokemon that consisted of me waking up at 9am, running around the dealer hall with a backpack full of Pokeballs, checking my map frantically looking for the rarespawn to pop up. A fellow trainer did it with me, and he got his, but I was left in the dust until the last day in which I reigned! AND NOW YOU CAN BUY IT! I also found an odd troupe of Pokemon traveling together...

Which bring me to my next topic, people KINDOF dressing up like Pokemon. No Pokemon mascot costumes? C'mon! SHOW YOUR COLORS! Throwing some ears on an American Apparel hoodie isn't creative! Granted, these were basically the only people dressed like Pokemon all weekend, I WANT MORE! MORE MORE MORE! Just wait until everyone sees my Voltorb costume. Oh, and...

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