Thursday, August 19, 2010


I've noticed that for the last few weeks I've been clenching my teeth unexplainably. (Image is the face I make while I cwunch my teeth in my sleep) Perhaps I'm worried about securing the final measures before starting my new semester as a "Trainer Teacher-in training." I'll be waking up at the crack of dawn every morning in order to ride my Acro Bike to the west side of town and inform a group of young trainers the lay of the land, and Pokemon history. You could call me a future Professor Oak, without the science, money, or desire to sleep with Jynx.

Other than that, I'm looking for money, and a haircut. If you can offer any of these services, for any of the services that I offer, get in touch with me via phone. This does not apply to Joey and his #1 Rattata. Fuck you if you call me again.

On a music related note, I've been listening to Malegoat a lot lately. Download their newest album here. Sounds like a cross between the energy of a Minun, with the party atmosphere of a Psyduck. ENJOY IT BRAH!

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