Sunday, November 7, 2010

Diglett Dig-

Often I get asked of the true identity of everyone's favorite hole-dwelling Pokemon Diglett. Upon research in the Pokemon Myth-busting database, I realized that nobody is actually sure what Diglett looks like under the earth. There is hard evidence of what Dugtrio becomes, but Diglett is a little harder to pin down. In the TV show, Diglett is nothing more than a problem for construction workers to deal with, but they never leave their holes. So lets look at some artist sketches of what the Diglett's Cave Occupant may look like (all of these images are from artists, none my own, and they are all infinitely better artists then I will ever be).

This is the "dick-n-balls" idea. Perhaps Diglett ends right where his pile of rocks begins? I fine it hard to believe, since Diglett has the power to use Sucker Punch. I'd be a real sucker to get hit in the face by this dick, am I right? Also, it was revealed in one of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games that Diglett HAS FEET!

An exotic woman? It's possible. I don't know if Cubone is rumored to have knowledge of this Pokemon's true form, but perhaps it's something worth investigating.

This is what I assume to be the most exaggerated and AWESOME rendition of Diglett. A bad ass that could break out of the ground at any moment, but chooses not to. Perhaps just a lonely soul, wandering the road to let the world play itself out, only willing to reveal itself in the most epic time of need. The second coming of Christ some would say.

This is most reasonable and logical Diglett explanation. Feet that are revealed in P:MD, claws that allow it to use Scratch, and an adorable resemblance to a mole. This seems like what a Pokemon would look like, so it's hard to argue with those cute little limbs.

I think the artist missed the ball on this one... but landed on the hilarious pile. And now, for what a real-life Diglett may indeed look like if encountered in the field behind your neighbor's house.

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  1. This rules. I love you. Please always have this blog, forever.

    <3 A true fan