Sunday, June 19, 2011

Awesome Artist: PokemonFromHell

So as I often do during my time on the internet I came across a really great artist on DeviantArt, Pokemon From Hell. The above Lapras is truly epic. It makes me imagine what it would've been like for people of ancient history to deal with Pokemon. Like, if there was a Greek fleet on the Mediterranean and they came across this, how much "Oh, fuck." would go around? My bet is a lot.

I also feel like this Slowpoke after returning from Ragnarok, a weeklong adventure of LARP and partying like I just hatched a shiny Eevee. Five days of minimal contact with the outside world has proven to be difficult to catch up with. However, my Pokedex has become quite filled with a variety of previously undiscovered Pokemon. Information to be recorded in DiglettDen soon.

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