Friday, June 10, 2011

Kingdra Cosplay: Sexy, Sexiest, or Sexest?

The gods have definitely blessed us this day with a cosplay worthy of it's own post. Please note the above image is of the fashionista's depiction of Kingdra, one of the most bad ass Pokemon. A pain in the ass to get, Kingdra is a Water/Dragon type that has taken the place of Gyrados as the king-shit-of-fuck-mountain. What this designer has effectively done here is transform Kingra into everyone's favorite mythical creature, the mermaid (in this case a merman).

Now don't get me wrong. I'm the last person that would discredit an individual for putting a feminine touch upon a masculine style. Power to 'em. However, where the hell is this Kingdra going? What I require out of my cosplay is some utility. I guarantee that this costume will not see the floors of Koki-moki-con or whatever the fuck. It will fullfil a fantasy of an individual wishing to reenact a glorious, nautical, self-love scene possibly inspired by the harlot from Little Mermaid.

Kingdra is a beast. Give this costume some real-time Water Gun action and then we're talking. Some type of mechanical snout that pumps out 200ppi of salt water.

Also, this picture looks like it took a lot of time to take. I would have taken a very nominal fee in order to be a part of this. Geting to jump all up in the thick of it: moistening the scales, being the rain guy in the back, or dying the young man's hair a gentle shade of pre-pubescent blue. Nobody was slacking on this shoot. Reminds me of something that I would've seen on Just Shoot Me...

Verdict: Sexest.

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