Tuesday, April 10, 2012


While substitute teaching today at the local Pokemon Trainer School, I received a call on my Pokedex from my younger brother. As I was unable to answer the call he left me a frantic message that claimed "I've got big news to tell you about my Pokemon game." I didn't want to get my hopes up too much that he had finally caught a shiny Pokemon, but then I realized he's only called me once before in my entire life. This must be it.

And it was. A shiny Scraggy. I can only imagine his reaction was similar to the beautiful pure ecstasy that is "Shiny Pontya," thankfully not the horrific defeat that is "Lost Shiny Giritina." Naturally, I drove home to see this amazing feat with an all out haste to feast my eyes on this boy. And boy was I ever jealous. A great Pokemon to get shiny as well. Dark and Fighting that looks sweet? Fuck yes.

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